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Masterful real estate broker who truly knows the market and has personal connections with his clients. Chris and I has several meetings prior to listing working around with personal needs and getting the best possible timing for selling. The result is outstanding and highly professional.
— Henri D.
My wife and I were in a bad situation with ‘another’ realtor and needed to get out of the agreement we were in. We were not being represented fairly or professionally and we couldn’t take it any longer, it was time to pull the plug. I made a call to Chris Livingston and without hesitation he coached me on how to get my wife and I out of the terrible situation we were in. He helped me ask the right questions and request the paperwork necessary to terminate the relationship with the ‘other’ realtor. After taking a couple of months for my wife and I to recover from the previous situation, we worked with Chris to put the house back on the market again and he sold it for more than 15k over our listing price!! We got multiple offers and were in escrow within a week of listing the house!! Chris is a straight shooter and I never doubted his truthfulness. You definitely don’t have to wonder what he is thinking. He is also very responsive. In my experience his average response time was about 15 minutes. You can tell he takes his job seriously and wants to provide a good living for his family. He also avails himself to various groups and networks in order to increase his real estate knowledge and he isn’t too proud to learn from others who may have more experience. We have already recommended him as a realtor and they are already in escrow. Thanks again Chris for getting us out of the bad deal we were in, answering our barrages of questions and getting our house sold at a great price…and fast! Keep it up!
— Caleb J.
Chris was such a pleasure to work with. Because of his amazing marketing strategy we were able to secure an offer significantly higher than our asking price. Chris also made several recommendations of companies to use during our move. One was a long distance moving company that we were very satisfied with. If you are looking for a realtor that will work hard, use innovative strategies and be a man of his word, Chris is your man!
— Gina & Paula
We weren’t shopping for our first home and thought ourselves more curious neighbors then first-time home-buyers, nosing around open houses when we had free time on the weekends. Finally curiosity took us to a house in the Long Beach neighborhood of California Heights and it was love at first sight. We knew it was the one for us but hadn’t done any research and had no clue of what to do next.

Living in Long Beach for the last 15 years we knew we would need a real estate agent who understood the diversity of the city and wouldn’t mind coaching us through the process. Good friends of ours had recently purchased their first home in Long Beach and told us what a great experience they had with their agent, Chris Livingston. With such a glowing reference we gave him a call to see if he could help us.

After talking with Chris on the phone he met with us the next day. He walked us through everything step-by-step and eased our first-time home-buyer nerves. He was ready with tons of information about buying our first home and comparable home prices. He spent a couple hours talking to us about the process and what we were getting into, taking the confusion out of the home buying process and giving us confidence in buying a home.

With our minds were put to ease he laid out a strong strategy to put in an offer in such a competitive market. As quickly as we submitted an offer it was accepted and off into escrow we went.

The escrow process is was a little daunting, but Chris did an amazing job helping us through it and was always just a phone call or email away. With his help we closed escrow within 30 days (as promised) and got our keys to our perfect new home! After everything was said and done Chris continued to check in to make sure we were happy in our new home and had everything we needed.

We fully and happily recommend Chris Livingston as a real estate agent. He made us feel like we had a trusted partner on our side. If you’re in the market, or just curious neighbors like we were, we recommend giving Chris a call so he can help you find your dream home too!
— Aaron & Rachel
My husband and I were in search of a home for 6 months with two different agents feeling like there was no end in sight. It wasn’t until we met Chris that we realized that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I met him at an open house and immediately felt a sense that this guy knew what he was doing. Within a couple of weeks he was our agent and then (as he promised) two weeks later we found our home.

The whole process of buying was so much easier with Chris’ help. He guided us through the process and answered all of our questions. We never once felt nervous or anxious that things weren’t going to get done. We are so glad that Chris was our agent and more importantly that we can call him our friend. We highly recommend him and his team!
— Joyce & Dayne
I would love to take this opportunity to recommend Christopher. I’ve just had the smoothest most enjoyable property purchase I’ve ever experienced. From the beginning I was impressed with Christoper hearing exactly what I wanted and showing me only that. No showing of properties outside of where I wanted to live and no showing me properties higher than what I wanted to spend simply because I might have qualified. Not wasting my time and knowing exactly what to show me, in other words at the beginning was HUGE.

Having bought two prior homes I’ve worked with other experienced Realtors before but none as immediately responsive. He also has an extra tool available in his excellent loan broker he works hand-in-hand with. Eric Miller was not only immediately available for any questions regarding payments or loan options but also has the least stressful and least amount of upfront paperwork to complete for loan approval that I’ve ever seen. It was nice not to feel as if I was signing loan docs twice! It was nice to also feel as if Eric was working only on my loan because that is exactly what it felt like.

Between Eric on the loan and Christopher coordinating the purchase, I had almost daily feed back as to the status. The process moved swiftly with no lag time. When picking up my keys Christopher even asked when my housewarming party is because he wants to come!

From beginning to end I felt special. I would not only recommend Christopher but I will ALWAYS work with him in the future.
— Diana M.
Chris is an excellent agent. He was incredibly helpful and very committed to quickly sell our home (at our request) without sacrificing its ultimate value. He was also responsive to all of our questions and concerns, whether complex or simple, sent by email, text or left as a voicemail, and did an excellent job negotiating and generally dealing with often difficult counterparties. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in LA or Orange County.
— Justin H.
Christopher is the best ever!!! He promised me he would get me in escrow in 2 weeks and sure enough we did. Just closed this week!! I couldn’t ask for a better agent. He was attentive to what we needed, answered any of our questions and/or concerns and patient with us during the searching processes! I will definitely be passing his contact info to any family or friends looking to buy or sell!
— Cynthia M.
Chris made buying a house feel easy! I had a pleasant experience having Chris as my agent. He has lots of Long Beach real estate knowledge, which was a huge since I was only looking to buy in Long Beach. I was fortunate enough to find a home and submit an offer, on my first open house weekend. In fact, Chris was able to get my offer accepted the very next day! Unbelievable, considering the hot market.

Soon after that, escrow opened and the escrow process was a breeze. He was extremely concise in explaining each document I was initialing or signing. His ability to effectively work with the lender and seller, really seemed to move the process along.

I appreciated how honest Chris was throughout my search. He kept me grounded when I would peek at properties at the top of my price range. He’d tell when he felt a house was overpriced or needed too much work.

I was also impressed by Chris’ connections and wealth of advice. Chris provided me with a great home insurance agent. He gave me tips on work I can do to my house and people to use. I definitely look forward to using Chris’ services in the future!
— Anthony S.
Chris was referred to me by a mutual friend and I am glad that Chris was there by our side for the sell of our house. We were very uneasy in the begining due to our cautiousness with selling of our house, but Chris kept reassuring us that it his job to worry about the sell of our house and not our worry. Initially the transaction was suppose to go smooth sailing, but due to some unforseen complications on the buyer side, there were some delays. Even with the delays Chris was always there giving us updates even when we were no longer in California and the house was still in Escrow. Chris was dedicated to selling our house even with a birth of a new child, he still kept us in the loop and thank him very much. Chris is very professional and will give you only the best service. His whole team was great and I would highly reccomend him and his team for Selling or Buying of a new home. Thank you again Chris & Team.
— Jim & Grace
My husband and I started off with a different realtor before Chris and that other realtor just wasn’t delivering. The old realtor would get lost taking us to listings and would constantly tell us a house was for us that clearly wasn’t our style at all. Once we started working with Chris it all changed. He was realistic and really listened to what we were looking for in a home. He didn’t cry wolf at every house we saw saying it was the one for us. Chris knew before we did that the house we ended up buying was “The One.” I am so thankful that we found Chris to guide us in buying a house. He made the experience professional and painless.
— Janae M.
Earlier this spring Chris Livingston helped me find a home. Chis has deep knowledge of the area, especially Long Beach and the surrounding towns. He was instrumental in helping me locate a house and negotiating the deal. When I asked Chris multiple times to change the house search parameters he not only happily complied, he had great suggestions (in retrospect his ideas were much better than mine). In addition he made himself available to help me when I had time for looking at homes. Since the home purchase he has helped me locate other services (electrician) and has great suggestions for local restaurants too. At the end of the day Chris helped me find exactly the home I wanted.
— Jacob K.
Christopher was the best relator we came in contact with throughout our home search and provided amazing service from start to finish. We had looked with two relators prior to contacting Christopher. With both prior agents, we searched the Long Beach area for roughly four months and put in two offers, which were both declined. I should add that we were extremely qualified from the start, and we should have at least made it the bidding stage.

When we signed with Chris, we were in escrow within two weeks (as promised), and closed in UNDER 30 days (also as promised). We also found a house that we loved in an area of the city that we both really enjoy and our first offer with Chris was accepted. Inventory is currently low in the more desirable areas, competition is very high and Chris got the job done for us, and got our offer accepted within one business day. I couldn’t recommend him more for both buying or selling. He provided exemplary service from start to finish, and he delivered on every promise made. An excellent experience overall!
— Justin M.
Christopher was an amazing real estate agent. While we were looking for homes, I was also planning my wedding. Wedding by itself can be very stressful, so I was hesitant to also begin looking for a home at the same time . However, Chris made it so easy for me to understand and took us step by step. He answered every question, even if I already had asked the question n just needed extra clarification. We made an offer a few days before the wedding, closed escrow a week later, and moved in soon after. As a newly wed, it was perfect timing. This house had everything that my husband and I needed to make it our home. Thank you Chris for everything
— Laura & Zach
Purchasing a home can be one of the most stressful experiences. Christopher Livingston was our buyers’ agent for the purchase of our home. It was not stress free (that would be impossible!) but he addressed every issue that came up, was extremely responsive and we were very happy with the process. We were dealing with an out-of-area buyer and agent, but Christopher did an excellent job providing comps to support our offer and educated them on the Long Beach real estate market. He made sure that we had everything in order to close our escrow as planned. My husband and I highly recommend Christopher Livingston for your buying and selling needs.
— Maria L.
Christ found the “perfect condo” for us as we downsized from our larger home of more than 40 years. It was a “short sale” and it had more than the usual complications of the “short sale” negotiation. In short, Christ “worked it out” and we soon had our dream retirement home. By the way, because of Chris’s negotiation skills, we finally purchased the condo for much less than the bank’s appraised price. Chris is a “miracle worker.”
— David R.
Chris is the most efficient agent I have had the pleasure to work with. I bought investment condos last year and he made them the quickest and smoothest real estate purchases I have ever experienced. He always returns my calls without delay and makes me feel like I matter. I used him this year as my listing agent to sell my house and he exceeded my expectations.
I would highly recommend Chris Livingston with Nationwide Real Estate. He knows the business, the area, and has contacts with the right people to get things done correctly and quickly.
— Robin Storey
Chris helped me with my first home purchase. I’ve always had this opinion that buying a house is a very stressful process, and perhaps it is, but not with Chris. He and his team made my life easier by always being available when needed (yes, even at 11 pm), explaining every question in detail, and forseeing possible issues that may arise. Very very thorough!!

When I initially met Chris, he took some time to get to know me to find out exactly what I wanted. Then, the very next day I met with his lender to get pre-approved. Once we found the house I wanted, my offer was accepted and I was in escrow on the 9th day from the day I met Chris.

Chris’ professionalism and enthusiasm led the listing agent to convince the seller to accept our offer on very first attempt, and the house wasn’t even listed on the market preventing any possible higher bids.

RESULT: I am a happy home owner.

If you’re looking to buy a home, please give Chris a call. I’m confident that he’ll find you the perfect home as he did for me.
— Naveen G.
When my wife and I were considering purchasing our first home, we reached out to Chris Livingston at the Livingston Group. We didn’t know the first thing about mortgages, PMIs or real estate, but Chris kept us calm throughout the buying process and answered all our questions (no matter how silly we sounded). Buying a new home is an extremely overwhelming process, but Chris kept us calm and guided us all the way up to the moment when we picked up the keys. Chris was extremely patient with us when we needed that guidance and now we have our first home and place to raise our growing family! If you are looking to purchase your first home or even your next one, we highly recommend working with Chris.
— Andrew & Carolyn
Chris is extremely easy to work with. He tailored his approach to meet our needs and helped my wife and I find the home of our dreams.

Maybe even more importantly, Chris has been great about keeping in touch with us to help us out with everything related to property ownership that we could ever need.
— Cory C.
We are first time home-buyers with a small child and thanks to Chris, we found the house of our dreams to raise and expand our family! We finally got settled into our new home and it is our pleasure to write a personal account of our experience working with him.

”We’re gonna find the house you want, and we are going to BUY it!”, Chris said, emphatically, during our first sit down together. Those words still stand out when we think back on our experience working with him because that is exactly what happened. Come to think of it, Chris delivered on everything he said he would…find a house we love, stay within our budget, escrow within 2 weeks, close within 30 days. Mind you, we do not have perfect credit and the offer that was accepted was not for 20% down. To make matters more complicated, we were using unseasoned money from overseas. Contrary to what many people told us, everything went as smooth as can be and we closed on time, buying the house we loved most!

Even more importantly than just closing deals, we really felt that Chris had our backs. Our first meeting set the tone as we sat down with his mortgage expert and got down to business. We had all of our financial questions answered and cranked out exactly what we can and can’t afford. From then on out, Chris worked around our schedule to find houses that we were interested in. We knew that Chris was looking out for us when he helped convince us that one of the houses we liked was out of our budget. Needless to say, we are grateful for that. Another time, we considered buying a “fixer upper”, but by the way we described it, Chris recommended that we move on and reassured us that we would find the right place.

What makes Chris an amazing agent is not just that he shows you nice looking homes, but his great judgment and reliability. His astute capability to sense the customer’s needs and work for their best interests is truly a remarkable and admirable talent. When you buy a house, you are not just purchasing a domicile, you are establishing your residency in a community. Chris knew the in’s and out’s of the neighborhoods and had a very keen sense of whether or not a place would work for us. Moreover, whenever we had any questions, he was immediately available to answer them. Then, when it came time to seal the deal, Chris made it happen!

Many people living in southern California will tell you what a long and oftentimes frustrating process it can be to buy a home. In our case, we were lucky because we did not experience any of that. In fact, we closed on our first offer and it was literally only a couple of months between the time we started looking and the time we moved into our new home. To be honest, we were really just lucky to have met Chris that random day looking at open houses. We were just the average, daydreaming, young family that didn’t think this was possible to buy a house. Thanks to Chris, it we did and we are so happy for it! He is truly a great guy and a talented real estate agent. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a new home!
— Pablo & Yuko
Chris helped my wife and I find a house to buy. Our first purchase! He was amaxing from day one. He constantly made sure that the automated searches were up to date with our exact needs and wants. He sent us updates on what was available and stayed in contact constantly. When we found the one we wanted, he moved fast and made sure that we got an offer submitted immediately. Throughout escrow, Chris guided us each day and week making sure we were well informed of what was going on and what we needed to do. Any concerns we ever had, no matter when or where, chris was always available to help us out. I feel bad for anyone else who uses another real estate agent other than Chris. There can be only one perfect mold for what you want a real estate agent to do, and that is Chris Livingston.
— Leland & Stephanie
I met Mr. Livingston at the lunch counter in a local restaurant and chose him to handle my search for a condo in Long Beach because of the presence and drive that he showed at our first meeting. He was patient and energetic during the months we looked for suitable properties and I closed on a two bedroom condo with an ocean view.
— Dr. Lorna McFarland
Before my Husband and I embarked on the process of buying our first home, we decided to speak with friends and family about their home buying experiences in order to know what to expect. We had more than one person mention to us to “be prepared” to have one if not more offers declined on potential homes. Well, I am happy to say that was not the case in working with Mr. Livingston. With Chris in our corner working with us, we were fortunate enough to have made two separate offers on homes with both offers being accepted! We ended up with the perfect house for us in our dream neighborhood.

Chris took care of everything from start to finish and was always there for us to lend a listening ear, as well as to answer questions and clarify things for us. It was so refreshing to work with a real estate professional who was open and honest about the entire process and who was also willing to be aggressive as needed on our behalf in order to get the job done.

As my Husband and I just moved in to our new home, I can’t help but to look around our house with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation in knowing that we couldn’t have done this without our amazing Realtor, Chris Livingston! He is not only someone I would highly recommend working with, but a new friend of ours as well. A million “thank-you’s” would not be enough for all that he has done for our family; we will be forever grateful!
— Sarah & David

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